Monday, March 18, 2013

My Melbourne Trip............

Hi there!
As you may recall! I recently visit for the first time EVER the glorious city of Melbourne...
 for the Melbourne Expo....
& I did  2 classes of the EVER SO TALENTED Georgia Heald!
I FINALLY found 5 mins to go though my photos from this recent trip.....
I end up taking about 150 photos which is not much for ME...   LOL! & NO I wont share all of these with you, just a few my FAVE......
& then in another post share with you the 2 layouts that created from Georgia's Classes...

Friday morning @ Canberra airport waiting to go aboard!!
 I was with the best company & the most LOVELIEST lady Wendy....
This photo taken by me with little hand held camera.. sitting in the back row of plane & ready for take off..........
on the Sky bus heading to the hotel....
once we dropped off our bags we headed out for the afternoon doing a little site seeing & a shopping!!! hehehe!
 1 of those photo's Wendy insist on getting...... me with these mannequins!!! don't know why this is looking blurry?? it's not when I bring it up on the computer??
having a 5 sec rest before continuing on with more shopping!!

 Saturday morning heading to the Exhibition building...

 a very quick chat & photo with Miss G before she started her classes....( I'm sure I look star stuck here)   LOL!
was lucky enough to get to chat to her a little more at the end of the day!! which was NICE...
 Wendy in her prime with these Graphic 45 papers....
 walking & on our way back to the motel... didn't get back till 9.30 pm that night... stopping for dinner on the way!
& I'm sure I walked passed Curtis Stone he was standing out the front of his restaurant maybe??
NO! didn't get a photo...  LOL!
Then Sunday went for a MASSIVE walk around Melbourne in the morning
along South bank
the x with the circle around it is were we stayed..   & I'm about 99.9% sure we walked up & down EVERY single 1 of these streets by the end of our stay!!! 
YES! We walked quite a few kms.. & I end up losing about 2 kilos! GEE!
OH! we also went on the Free City Tram on the Friday night a few times....

down & along South Wharf...

Then back up to Exhibition Building for the afternoon.. Were I got to catch up with the EVER SO LOVELY  & SUPER Talented Cathy Cafun..
It was Sooooo AWESOME to sit in the park for about hour & chat to this lady!! I wasn't feeling the best at this stage & Cathy was the such GREAT Company... THANKS Chickie!
Monday morning touch down  in Canberra... & a 2 hour drive home!!
HAD a BALL.. was SOOOOO EXCITED to get home...
already talking to hubby about taken the kids to Melbourne for the weekend later on this year!!
  Hopefully I didn't bore you too much! & I'm sure some of these will be scrapped in the near future!!


  1. LOVED this post Rach! Sounds exhausting!! Shame you obviously over-extended yourself with all that walking!!! Can't wait to see the beautiful work I just KNOW you created :-D

  2. Really nice to see what you did, where you went, some other Famous Scrappy Folk & how you enjoyed yourself!!! I really enjoyed this, Rachael - NOT bored at all:):):)

  3. Thanks for sharing your lovely trip.
    Gr Elly

  4. How wonderful to meet scrappy friends! It looks like a fabulous time!!

  5. Super fun pics!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. I wouldn't mind if you post more photos, I like when someone shares about their scrap trips

  7. How exciting and FUN!!! Loving all the photos!!

  8. A great post Rachael, I loved seeing what you did on your trip . You seemed to fit in a lot of sightseeing as well as meeting some of the fabulous ladies from our amazing world of scrapping.


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