Friday, July 22, 2011

Scrap The Boys Challenge

Well Hello!

How was everyone's week?
My was a bit Adventurous... I pretty much had a house full of Patients....
Hopefully they are all on the mend now!! (Fingers Crossed that I don't get Sick now.)

Scrap The Boys July Challenge is:

This month your challenge is to use TAPE on your layout, this can be decorative tape, masking tape or even think outside of the square and make your own.
You also need to use PLAY in your title.

*The layout in this post has been changed as, I didn't read the Challenge properly & a scrapper buddy informed me that I left out the play in my title.... Ummm Whoopie! LOL!*
Thanks Toni!

Now! I didn't go with the think outside thing, with a lack sleep I just couldn't think much outside the Box.

So I went with the Masking tape..........

Some Close UPS!!!

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you all have a wonderful
Ohh & any comments you may leave...
Thanks!! always enjoy reading them!
1 more thing I have some Exciting news to share soon..
Maybe you have seen it already!!
I'll wait a little longer before I share.....
But till next time
Happy Scrappin!!

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