Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Love What you See???


Hi There!!

NOW! I know most of you have seen this already, But I just wanted to post some of my FAVE Collections that are coming to a store near you all ( hopefully Really Sooooon)  hehehehe
In no Favourite order!!!!!!!!!!!

First Up! Webster Pages




& just Some of the Divine Embellishments.....

Feather-flowers-pins-MAG_32  Pins-3-MAG_325  Cameo-push-pins-box_650
    ( GO HERE) to find out how you can win some...........

NEXT Up is the Utterly Gorgeous Glitz Design
Once again in no Favourite  Order ( Loving all these Collections)

& You have a Chance too Win 1 or all  of these Collections
(GO HERE) for find out all the Info..........
Thanks for Stopping by!!
Happy Scrapping


  1. loving those fav of yours. I seriosuly know my bank manager is not going to like me in the next few months, haha
    enjoy your day.

  2. We are scrapbook twins for sure! Totally in agreement with you. Have bookmarked these exact ranges already & am completely with you on the Webster's order - those are my favourites in exactly that order - amazing - we'll get there one day together hee hee!!

  3. thanks for the info Rach... fabulous post .. hugs x

  4. Love that vintage blue collection!

  5. Oh wow, where to start, wow, I love every collection, thank goodness I have started working I say, thanks for the wonderful comment you gave me, it means the world to me from someone as talented as you. I am getting better but had a day (my very first) without Nate and ended up working.....go figure. I am going to give myself a routine, I need some of these stunning papers and to come here for mojo. Thanks Melxxx


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