Thursday, March 22, 2012

My 3 Giveaways..........

It's time to show you all JUST HOW much I appreciate & Adore all my Followers..& all those GORGEOUS comments you lovely Ladies leave ME....
                                                  With these 3 GIVEAWAYS  
                                                                   Giveaway 1

                                           Giveaway 2

Giveaway 3
If you like what you see then you know what to do...
1. Become a follower if your not already!
2. Put your Name & Country in the link below & your in the Draw! (YES! it is OPEN to Everyone World Wide...
3. If you are wanting more chances in these Giveaways then your could....
4. Share this on your Blog, come back  & link your name & Country  down again!!
5. Share this on face book... again come back & link your Full Name & Country!! 
* This GIVEAWAY is Open till midnight  22 of April 2012*
GOODLUCK to you all
*Some people are having troubles with adding there names to the link for the 2nd time
& because I've never worked with a link The only thing I can suggest ATM is MAYBE link it  the 2nd & 3rd time with  1 of your posts not just to your blog...
I hope that helps!!*
& if your looking for more giveaways then Check these 1's out Click there Names to head Straight to there Giveaways
Keren Tamir - Ends March 31st
Georgia HealdEnds March 31st 
Nadia CannizzoEnds March 31st
& Again!! to All that are my or will become a followers!!
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