Monday, November 22, 2021

2 Crafty Chipboard - 'Cherish Memories' layout

 Hello everyone!
Today I share my newest 2 Crafty piece of inspiration 
this layout which features a few fantasitc 2 Crafty Chipboard...

2 Crafty Chipboard used:
6" Messy Square Frame
Large Tribal Arrow
Fine Word set 1
Mini Branches
Fine Word Months
ATC - Word Banner set 2

Let's start with this cluster of this 2 Crafty goodness...
For my title I have inked the fine word 'Cherish' & the ATC Memories Banner
with Ranger Oxide - Rustic Wilderness - a lovely green.

 Then for the Tribal Arrow & the large 6" Messy Frame
have been given a couple of coats of gesso...

Next up are these super cute Mini Branches, where I have inked some of them with 
that lovely green again & then Pumice Stone which gives it a nice light brown,
cut them into smaller pieces and as you can see placed them thoughtout my page..

Lastly! The April fine word & 2021 where I have inked again 
with that light brown....
I'm pretty happy with my layout & hopefully you
 leave feeling inpsired in someway..
Thanks for stopping by & Unti next time 

Thursday, November 4, 2021

2 Crafty Chipboard - '2020' layout

Hello everyone 
Today & I have this mixed media, masculine layout
to share my latest for 2 Crafty Chipboard 
which features some fantastic 2 Crafty Chipboard pieces....

Deer Set
Medium Steampunk gears
ATC - Title sticks set 1
Small Steampunk gears
Clock face discs

Let's start with the 2020 where you may remember I have used this techinque
before to my layouts... Using my chipboard piece as a stamp &
 incorporated into my background & then added the chipboard piece to my page...

Next up is where I have created a bit of a cluster with some of the Clock face discs 
& inking them with yellow & tan.then the Medium Steampunk gears
inked black & the Small Steampunk gears given a couple of coats of gesso

Finally for the Deer & the ATC - Title sticks set 1 - Handsome lad  
where I have inked the Title stick with black & the Deer with a tan colour and finishing
of my page with some splattering which always create a more interesting look to the chipbaord...

THANKS for stopping by.
I hope I have inspired you in someway today!
Until next time, ...


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