Sunday, July 14, 2013

July Creations for Green Tara

Hi there!
My July creations for Green Tara are up over on the blog... 
thought I'd tease you a little & share couple of sneak peaks 

If you would like to see more please stop on by the Green Tara blog..
thanks for stopping by & have a GREAT day..


  1. Off to see ... that butterfly is amazing!!!!

  2. What an amazing butterfly. You have my curiosity peaked. Off to have a look! ox

  3. beautiful and inspirational have already seen them on the blog

  4. ok I can't stand not seeing these.. off to the blog I go....

  5. I have just had a look and wow gorgeous creations Rachael. x

  6. That butterfly is so cool!!! Gorgeous work!


I REALLY do appreciate you are taking the time to leave behind your thoughts on my creations... 💕 THANK YOU for stopping by 💕

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