Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ahhhh... For ME!!

Good afternoon!!!!

The Ever SO sweet Sam, Has been handing out a blog Award!!! & has very kindy throught that i was one of 10 people she throught she should pass it on too...

 Now isn't that Just Gorgeous of her.
This would be my 1st EVER award....
SO Thanx Sam! I Think you Totally Rock GIRL!!!     MWAH........

Now before i hand it too 10 awesome ladies......
I need to tell you 10 things about me you don't know..

1. I have no Middle name.
2. I like to have a coffee first thing in the morning.
3. I have freckles.
4. Gardening is another thing I like to do.
5. I like to watch Scary movies ( But only when hubby their to protect me) LOL...
6. I admirer my Husband, I Think he is the BEST thing since slice bread...
7. I just LOVE to Shop.. But i think all us girls like to that.
8. My Favs colours are  Black, Fushia Pink, Brown, Red & Grey..
9. I don't mind going out on the town & having a go @ Karaoke! But i can't sing well.. It all about FUN
    right!!!!! LOL
And number
10. I do love to eat Chicken.

WOW that got me thinking!!!

OK So now the fun Part handing this blog out.....
BUT i've not been a blogger for long So i'm Still new to all of this.....

the 1st person is Tanya- Tanya was the first person that followed my Blog, (maybe felt sorry for me) LOL  But She is Also 1 of the most Talented! Amazing! ladies i follow.....
 I think she Totally Rocks the Scrappin world.

the 2nd Person is Kathleen - i Don't comment much on her blog, But she is SOOOO inspiring i follow her
 all  the time & not in a bad way, LOL!! Kathleen is  another AMAZING      
Scrapper. Well you would all know that already..LOL

the 3rd is Georgia- I was always inspired by her work on Anna's Craft cupboard, But she gave up her DT
 position not long ago, i miss georgia i bit - But i now follow her..

the 4th is Mel- i think she just so cool, love to look @ her work.

I don't think i'm going to make 10..... Ummm

oh the 5th would be Nerrida- OMG!! her work is just SO Stunning... Nerrida is another DT from Anna's
 Craft Cupboard that i Admirer...

6th is Jamie- How cool is her Blog- & OH SO talented...

7th is Luzma- Just Love her work......

I think that will do.. i dont seem too follow that  many people YET....
WOW!! what a post...
 Until next time

Rachael XX


  1. Rachael, you are such a sweetheart! No I didn't feel sorry for you when I followed you! Thank you so much for the award and your sweet words and for supporting me so much on my blog. I will be sure to pass this award on in the next little bit ok xx

  2. Aww Rachael,I´m so moved how sweet you are,thank you so so much!!!

  3. Oh You are totally deserving of this blog award, cause you totally ROCK!! i just love seeing what you have been creating and i love your close ups and most of all i love reading about you! I agree a scray movie is just not the same with out your man! And coffee is the only way i get up in the morning! lol well maybe the kids help Thanks for being you! :D

  4. Awwww .... thanks so much!! love your little blog, its so cute and so inspiring.
    will pass this on real soon.
    I love coming over here for "visits", always entertaining. I am the same - will only watch scary movies if hubby is home (lol)
    you are such a sweetheart - thanks for voting for me and being a follower on my blog. I am afollower coz I chose you (thats special you know!!!!)

  5. Ohhhhh thanks so much Rachel!! Well deserved award, love number 6, that's just so sweet :D


  6. Aw thank you Rachael! I must admit I do miss the little community we had over at Anna's so it is nice to have found your blog, and you have another follower now :-D


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