Monday, April 30, 2012


I know I've said it before & I will say it again!!
You lovely Ladies BLOW ME AWAY with the lovely comments you leave..
I TRULY appreciate that!!
SO! I have this Giveaway to show my Appreciation.....

I was VERY LUCKY enough to WIN the FULL range of the GLITZ DESIGN - HAPPY TRAVELS when they had there CHA previews & was giving away 1 of each of there ranges...
I thought Why not share some of my winning with you Ladies!!!
I've also added a few other things...
If you like what you see & want to go in the Draw to win this then, It's pretty easy!!!

1. Be a follower of mine if you are not already!
2. Place your FULL NAME & COUNTRY using the link tool!
(YES! this is open WORLD WIDE)
3. If you REALLY like what you See & what to Double your Chances then you could share this Giveaway on your blog or Facebook come on back & place your FULL Name & Country Again in for another Chance!! When placing your FULL NAME  & COUNTRY the second time around & when you need to  use a different URL address 
like 1 of your posts on your blog not just your URL blog address... Hope that makes sense!
If not leave a comment & let me know!! I'll will help out!
*YOU HAVE TILL the 14th MAY 2012 EST*
THANKS again & Good luck to you  all

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