Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hi there! Hope is all well with you...
I do have 2 layouts I want share, these will be my take on Sketch 1st & Sketch 15th for Stuck sketches!!!
Twiddleybitz is sponsoring Stuck sketches for month of February...
BUT! I think I will share these in my next post....
Today I will be announcing the WINNER
of my resent GIVEAWAY.... I would first like to say a BIG
THANK all of those who became a follower of mine for my 
GIVEAWAY, THANK you to those of you who shared my GIVEAWAY & a extra THANK You for my birthday wishes!!
OK! SO! I had a whooping  193 entries.. & this time around I asked my eldest (Ethan)
 to help out by telling my a number between 1 - 193

the lucky WINNER IS of this.........

                    147. Jayvalikka Garcia (Philippines)  
Woooohooooo! CONGRATS to you Jayvalikka  please send your addy to 
BUT!  wait there is more.............
 I wish I could send out 1 little gift to all of you that linked up... I just can't!!
 I decided I could have 5 more mini giveaways!
They are not much... I just wanted to give a little more! my way to THANK YOU
SO! my 2 kids Ethan & Chloee gave me 5 more numbers.....

Winner of this Giveaway... is #50
                                                    50. Lauren Tomecek

Winner of this Giveaway.. is #106
                                                    106. Sonya, Italy

 Winner of this Giveaway... is #82
                                            82. MichelleMc (USA) FB share

Winner of this Giveaway... is  #147
                                               149. Dunja ♡ Germany  

 Winner of this Giveaway... is #16
                                                   16. Стокли (Russia)  

Congrats to all of these ladies, Like I said I know they are not much BUT! I hope you like!!
If all of you could emails me rachel.funnell@bigpond.com then I can get these out to all ASAP
Will be back soon to share those 2 layouts..... Till then Happy Scrappin people!


  1. Rachael, this is soooo kind of you to share the love in this way...I'm sure everyone will be thrilled with their prizes, big or small:):):):)

  2. Congratulation to al the winners.
    Thanks again Rachael.
    Gr Elly

  3. That is really lovely Rachael to share the love like that.. I hope blessings come back to you too!!

  4. Wow, you are spreading the love, Congrats girls and Rachael they are all gorgeous giveaways and the winners will be thrilled. Looking forward to meeting you on the weekend

  5. Oh, hurray!
    Thank you for your generosity - and for making this day a bit brighter=)

  6. Parabéns, todas que ganharam!! Obrigado pela oportunidade, beijos!

  7. Thanks so very much for the wonderful giveaway, Rachael! I'm thrilled!

  8. Congratulations to the lucky winners and hugs to you, dear, by the so lovely candy!

  9. WOW! I can't believe this! :D I never win in these things! thank you so much :D! I can't stop smiling right now. You are such a generous person. Thank you again! I should also say thank you to your son for picking my number :)) haha THANK YOU! words couldn't express how much I am happy and thankful <3

  10. A beautiful thought to give a little to lots of people, I'm sure they'll love getting a surprise in the post, congratulations ladies. xxx

  11. Oh noooo serves me right for not keeping up with my favourite blogs! Looks like I missed these gorgeous giveways! Lucky ladies!! Rach you are too generous!!!

  12. Congrats to the lucky winners !
    have a great week end !
    :-) Nina

  13. OMG Rachael, what have you done? I am one of the lucky ladies?? Wow, i am speechless and can't believe my eyes, that i read my name. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH ♥ I will send you an email now.

    Have a lovely day,
    big Hugs

    Dunja xx

  14. Hi, Rachel! I sent you my address, but don't know if you received it! Please, let me know!


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