Friday, October 22, 2010


I have a couple of layouts to share today

The first Layout is of Chloee on a friends property....

yes thats real chicken wire

When we r out wood choppin the Kids are always
wanting there fruit breaks.  LOL

thanx for stoppin by


  1. Hi Rachael, thank you for your gorgeous comment! You are pretty darn talented yourself! I love both of these designs - the chicken wire on the top one is perfect!!!

  2. love the chicken wire - perfect for that photo!! love it - Do you go through as much fruit as we do in this house too??? The greengrocer rubs his hands together when he see me coming! Im sure I have put his kids through school. - Cute LO!!

  3. Beautiful layouts and I love the chicken wire! :)

  4. Wow love the chicken wire! How did you go adhearing the paper over the top, or is it just around the edges? Love all the country pics too.


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