Sunday, June 20, 2021

2 Crafty Chipboard - 'Live everyday with intention'

Hello & hope all is well with you..
Today sharing this layout which I created for 2 Crafty Chipboard 
at the start of the month  & forgot to share until now..😏

2 Crafty Chipboard used:

Triangle set
Medium Steampunk gears 
Large gears 
Live evertday with intention

Starting off with the Triangle Set where I have inked
 some with black & have left a few as is raw....

Then I had the left over bit from the Triangle Set 
I thought! why not use this and add an extra 
texture element to this page, also leaving it as is raw
& placing it between my page layers....

Next up! The Medium Steampunk gears 
Large gears where I have sponged on
a coat of gesso....

And lastly! My Title 'Live evertday with intention'
 inking everyday with Intention with black 
& leaving the Live as is...

I hope I inpsired you to use up
 that left over piece/pieces and 
add them into your next project....

Thanks for stopping by  
Until next time xx

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